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Resource: Deleted Attendees

A deleted attendee contains information about an attendee that has been deleted from a meeting. This resource is of use to consumers of the attendee_deleted REST hook, and is provided so that integrations that need to react to the deletion of an attendee can do so. The resource itself provides the attendee_id, meeting_id, member_id, date of deletion, and, if available, member_name and meeting name.

Note that a person who has been removed from the set of attendees can be added back, and that doing so creates a new "attendee" with a distinct attendee_id from the removed resource.

Access note: Deleted attendee information can be accessed by users who can access the meeting, as long as the meeting itself is not deleted.


Field Type Notes
event_id integer This is not the same as the attendee_id.
attendee_id integer ID of the attendee that was deleted
meeting_id tuple meeting: {meeting_id, name}
meeting_series_id integer, null Identifies the meeting series this meeting belongs to, if any
member_id integer
member_name member name
member_email string, null member's email address, if available
deleted_ts timestamp Time of deletion of the attendee. Note that this resource does not supply create_ts and update_ts.

Getting a Single Deleted Attendee

GET /lucid/api/v1/deleted_attendees/:event_id

Note that the event_id is not the same as the ID of the attendee that was deleted. API users are expected to obtain the resource URL for a deleted attendee from an attendee_deleted REST hook event.

Query parameter Notes
embed (none supported)
fields See Field Filtering
envelope See Enveloping

Sample Request

GET /lucid/api/v1/deleted_attendees/136992
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 629
X-Rate-Limit-Limit: 100
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 99
X-Rate-Limit-Used: 1
X-Rate-Limit-Reset: 60
    "id": 136992,
    "resource_url": "",
    "event_id": 136992,
    "attendee_id": 10662,
    "meeting_id": {
        "value": 6298,
        "display": "invitee testing"
    "meeting_series_id": 655,
    "member_id": 31,
    "member_name": "Amy Farrell",
    "member_email": "",
    "deleted_ts": {
        "value": 1581120340,
        "iso_8601": "2020-02-08T00:05:40Z",
        "pretty": {
            "time": "4:05 PM",
            "date": "February 7, 2020",
            "timezone": "Los Angeles"