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Transforms show how Lucid Meetings would transform input values.

These utilities are provided to facilitate comparisons of data between systems by programs that need to determine whether there is a substantive difference between values stored in Lucid and in another system (for example, when a Lucid field that is stored as plain text corresponds to an HTML field in another system). They are not intended as general-purpose transformation tools.

Transforms support POST requests only and do not store data.


Field Type Notes
input string, integer, null The value that was provided as "input" in the request.
transformed string, integer, null The transformed value Lucid would produce from the input.

Plain Text


Some of the fields Lucid automatically converts to plain text include:

  • Meetings: name, description, outcomes, location
  • Meeting Series: name, description, location, timezone_name, windows_timezone, windows_region, rrule
POST /lucid/api/v1/transforms/plain_text
Field Required Notes
input yes A string to be transformed

Sample Request

POST /lucid/api/v1/transforms/plain_text
Content-Type: application/json
  "input": "<p>This is text with some <b>markup</b>. </p>"
200 OK
Content-Type: applicaiton/json; charset=utf-8
    "input": "<p>This is text with some <b>markup</b>. </p>",
    "transformed": "This is text with some markup."